Lawyer with Terminal Cancer Kills Former Daughter-in-Law and Her Attorney Husband in Deposition

In a shocking incident that unfolded during a child custody deposition, Joseph Houston, a 77-year-old lawyer, shot and killed his former daughter-in-law, Ashley Prince, and her attorney husband, Dennis Prince, before taking his own life. The tragic event occurred at the offices of the Prince Law Group in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to reports, Houston, who was representing his son in a custody battle against Ashley Prince, had recently disclosed to another lawyer that he was suffering from terminal cancer. This revelation has led to speculation about whether Houston’s deteriorating health played a role in his decision to carry out the shootings.

Eyewitnesses revealed that Houston’s wife was present during the deposition and witnessed the horrifying incident. Another lawyer in the room, Shannon Wilson, managed to hide under a conference room table to protect herself and her unborn child. She pleaded with Houston not to harm her baby before being allowed to leave the room. Moments later, additional shots were fired.

Ashley Prince had recently filed a motion seeking sole custody of her two children, whom she shared with her ex-husband, Dylan Houston. The couple had divorced in 2021, and both had custody rights before the tragic incident. Following the shooting, Ashley Prince’s sister was granted custody of the children.

In the aftermath of the incident, Dylan Houston denied having any prior knowledge of his father’s attack. He expressed his grief and shock over the tragedy, stating that the motivation behind his father’s actions remains unknown.

Dennis Prince, a respected attorney, leaves behind four children, including a 6-month-old baby he shared with Ashley Prince. Robert Eglet, a former law partner and close friend of Dennis, expressed his profound sadness over the loss, highlighting their long-standing friendship and professional partnership.

The Houston family released a statement expressing their deep sorrow and shock at the events that unfolded. The community and legal fraternity in Las Vegas have been left reeling from the tragedy, struggling to comprehend the senseless violence that occurred within the confines of a legal proceeding.

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