Lawsuits Allege Assault, Discrimination, and Retaliation by Pasadena Police Department Cliques

A series of lawsuits filed against the Pasadena Police Department have brought to light allegations of assault, discrimination, and retaliation by two department cliques, one of which is known as the Good Ole Boys Club. The lawsuits, filed by current and former officers and supervisors, include claims of physical assaults and a hostile work environment.

Officer Jarvis Shelby alleges that he was placed in a headlock by a commander in August, while Lt. Sam De Sylva states that he was kicked so hard in the leg by another lieutenant that he required surgery. Retired Lt. Carolyn Gordon claims she was shot in the groin with a paintball gun during training, resulting in internal bleeding. These incidents, along with others, have prompted six officers and former supervisors to take legal action against the department.

Attorney Brad Gage, representing the plaintiffs, expressed concern over the behavior of police officers who are meant to protect the community but instead engage in attacks against their own colleagues. The allegations against the Pasadena Police Department’s cliques, the Good Ole Boys Club and the Veteranos, raise further questions about the department’s practices, particularly regarding the treatment of minorities and the use of deadly force.

Lt. Gordon, who retired in April, highlighted the potential impact of racism, retaliation, and violence within the Police Department, suggesting that it could extend beyond the department and affect the community at large. She recounted being called a crybaby after being shot during a training exercise in 1998 and expressed fear for her safety while working in the department.

Retired Officer Omar Elhosseiny, who was awarded the department’s Medal of Courage, reported three officers for drinking on duty last year and faced mockery as a result. Elhosseiny, who is Muslim, stated that he was subjected to derogatory comments and told to park his car facing Mecca. These incidents further illustrate the alleged culture of discrimination and retaliation within the department.

The lawsuits against the Pasadena Police Department began last year, gaining public attention when Officer Taisyn Crutchfield claimed she was wrongfully punished for attempting to de-escalate a situation involving another officer and a woman being detained. Crutchfield alleges that she faced retaliation from fellow officers, including being left without backup during a response to a man with a gun.

Pasadena Chief Gene Harris denied the allegations of assault or violence within the department, stating that a thorough investigation had been conducted before one of the lawsuits was filed. The Pasadena Police Officers Association, the union representing rank-and-file officers, also dismissed the allegations as false. The department has pledged to vigorously defend itself and emphasized its commitment to diversity.

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  1. This is absolutely outrageous and completely unacceptable! It is deeply disturbing to hear about these allegations of assault, discrimination, and retaliation within the Pasadena Police Department. The fact that there are cliques within the department, particularly one called the Good Ole Boys Club, is a clear indication of a toxic and deeply rooted problem.

    Law enforcement agencies are supposed to protect and serve the community, not engage in discriminatory practices or foster an environment of violence and retaliation. These allegations undermine the trust and confidence that the public should have

  2. 1. Document everything: If you witness or experience any form of assault, discrimination, or retaliation, it is crucial to document the incident in detail. Write down the date, time, location, people involved, and any specific actions or statements made. This documentation will serve as evidence if you decide to file a lawsuit or make a formal complaint.

    2. Seek legal advice: If you believe you have been a victim of assault, discrimination, or retaliation, consult with an attorney who specializes in employment law

  3. I found this post very interesting, especially the mention of the Good Ole Boys Club within the Pasadena Police Department. I would love to hear more about this particular clique and its impact on the department. How has it affected the culture and operations of the police force? Are there any specific incidents or examples that highlight the alleged assault, discrimination, and retaliation?

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