Lawsuit Filed Against White Nationalist Group Following Alleged Racially Motivated Assault

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Charles Murrell III, a teacher and musician residing in the Boston area, has filed a lawsuit against the white nationalist group, Patriot Front, following an alleged racially motivated assault. Murrell claims that on July 2, 2022, while playing his saxophone near the Boston Public Library, he was surrounded by members of the Patriot Front who proceeded to physically assault him. The incident reportedly involved punches, kicks, and beatings with metal shields.

Murrell was subsequently taken to the hospital, where he received treatment for lacerations requiring stitches. He alleges that the attack was a coordinated and racially motivated act. Seeking civil rights, assault, and battery charges, Murrell is also seeking compensation for unspecified damages.

Despite Murrell’s urging for an investigation into the incident, no charges have been filed against any members of the Patriot Front, according to the Suffolk district attorney’s office. While photographs of the alleged assault are available, no video footage has been released to the public. However, Jason Lee Van Dyke, the attorney for the Patriot Front, has suggested the existence of video evidence, claiming that Murrell was the aggressor and that no unlawful actions were committed by the group.

The release of the video footage could potentially shed light on the events and help determine the veracity of the claims made by both parties involved.


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