Lawsuit Filed Against Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad Alleges Sexual Assault and Manipulation

Lawsuit Filed Against Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad Alleges Sexual Assault and Manipulation

Five women have filed a lawsuit against Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R), O.U.R’s affiliated companies, and the board of O.U.R, alleging sexual assault and manipulation, according to court documents. The women claim that Ballard, under the guise of fighting human trafficking, manipulated and sexually assaulted them. They further state that their reports to O.U.R were ignored and silenced, allowing Ballard to continue his alleged misconduct.

The victims provided detailed statements outlining how Ballard allegedly abused the “Couple’s Ruse,” a program he described as an undercover tool to prevent detection by pedophiles. However, the women claim that Ballard used it as a means of sexual grooming. The court documents allege that Ballard engaged in various sexual acts, including a sexual position that appeared to involve intercourse without penetration. He also allegedly told some women that their conduct was appropriate because a psychic had chosen them and were married in a previous life.

The lawsuit includes legal claims against companies connected to Ballard, such as O.U.R, The Spear Fund, Rockwell Group, Liberty and Light, Slave Stealers, Children Families Foundation, and Deacon Inc., as well as individuals associated with Ballard, including Janet Russon, Craig Anderson, Julian Ann Blake, Wes Mortenson, Ben Pack, Mark Reynolds, and Stephan Fairbanks.

The victims accuse Ballard and the connected companies and individuals of sexual assault and battery, conspiracy to commit battery and sexual assault, fraud, and civil conspiracy to defraud victims. They claim that the “Couple’s Ruse” was an institutional doctrine of O.U.R and its affiliated companies, carried out with the knowledge of management and board members.

The women seek to bring attention to their experiences and shed light on Ballard’s alleged actions, urging donors to make informed decisions about supporting Ballard and his organizations. The lawsuit alleges that Ballard’s actions caused severe emotional distress, permanent injury, and loss of self-esteem to the victims.

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