Lawsuit Alleges Guns Brought into New Mexico State University Basketball Locker Room

Lawsuit Alleges Guns Brought into New Mexico State University Basketball Locker Room

A new lawsuit has been filed against New Mexico State University (NMSU), alleging that guns were commonly brought into the men’s basketball locker room where teammates were sexually assaulted. The lawsuit was filed by former athlete Kyle Feit and two unnamed individuals who were on the team. They claim that firearms were frequently present around players both on and off campus, and were often brought into the locker room where players would sexually assault their teammates by forcing them to expose their genitals.

The defendants listed in the lawsuit include the university, athletic director Mario Moccia, and several former players and coaches. All individuals, except for Moccia, have either left the school or were fired last season. The suit also alleges that Feit recalls instances where guns were pointed at him while walking through campus.

According to university regulations, “no person of any age shall carry a firearm on university premises” unless they meet specific requirements, such as working as security personnel or being a member of the school’s ROTC programs. However, these accusations mirror those made in a separate lawsuit that NMSU settled earlier this year, valued at $8 million, involving two former players and a father.

These latest allegations come after another NMSU basketball player, Mike Peake, was involved in a deadly shooting prior to a game against the University of New Mexico earlier this year. Peake, who was suspended from the team, shot and killed a UNM student after being ambushed in the middle of the night. Authorities determined that Peake acted in self-defense, and he has not been charged with a crime.

The lawsuit raises serious concerns about the presence of firearms and the alleged sexual assaults within the NMSU men’s basketball program. The university and the individuals named as defendants will likely face legal scrutiny as the case progresses.


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