Law Enforcement Officers and City Officials Accused of Aiding $13M Illegal Cannabis Operation in Franklin County, Maine

Law Enforcement Officers and City Officials Accused of Aiding M Illegal Cannabis Operation in Franklin County, Maine

Several law enforcement officers and city officials in Franklin County, Maine, are facing accusations of aiding an illegal cannabis operation. Lucas Sirois, alleged leader of a $13 million clandestine cannabis network, is at the center of the unfolding conspiracy. On July 21, 2020, federal agents and the Maine State Police targeted and raided multiple locations linked to Sirois in Farmington and other Franklin County regions.

On November 9, 2021, a federal grand jury indicted 11 people and three businesses associated with Sirois. However, two former law enforcement officials, Kevin Lemay of Farmington and James McLamb of Auburn, were recently cleared of federal charges due to insufficient evidence of their knowledge or intent to affect a grand jury’s future investigation.

Former Rangeley Selectman David Burgess confessed to accepting large sums from Sirois in exchange for pushing local decisions in favor of the illegal operation. Burgess entered a guilty plea on multiple conspiracy charges and faces a maximum sentence of nine years. Franklin County deputies Bradley Scovil and Derrick Doucette also admitted their involvement in the conspiracy, potentially resulting in a sentence of up to four years and nine months.

Former Franklin County Assistant District Attorney Kayla Alves pleaded guilty to tampering charges and received a $2,000 fine, two years of probation, and a nine-month suspension of her law license.

These revelations have raised concerns among Franklin County residents about the involvement of city officials and law enforcement agents in illicit cannabis operations. The broader implications of this case on Maine’s legal and political landscapes are yet to be determined.


Author: CrimeDoor

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