Las Vegas Judge Breaks Silence on Violent Courtroom Attack

Las Vegas District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus has spoken out about the violent attack she endured during a sentencing hearing last month. The incident, which occurred on January 3, involved convicted felon Deobra Redden leaping at the judge in a manner reminiscent of the superhero Superman. Holthus, who was the first witness called at Redden’s grand jury trial for attempted murder, described the attack as an attempt to “absolutely take me out.”

According to the testimony transcript obtained by Fox5 Las Vegas, Holthus recalled Redden’s calm demeanor as he spoke about his supposed rehabilitation and plans for a better future. However, the judge remained skeptical due to Redden’s history as a repeat offender. As she prepared to deny his parole request for a previous conviction of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm, Holthus signaled to her court marshal to be prepared for the sentencing.

In a sudden turn of events, Redden swiftly jumped over the defense table and forcefully slammed Holthus into a wall, leaving her disoriented and injured. The attack was so rapid that the judge had no time to react. Holthus suffered head injuries and described her head being slammed into a marble wall, resulting in a lumpy and bruised injury. Redden also grabbed her hair and threw her backward before she curled into a fetal position, terrified for her life.

Holthus expressed her gratitude towards her marshal and law clerk, acknowledging that their intervention saved her from further harm. She emphasized that without their presence, she would not have survived the assault. Reflecting on the incident, Holthus admitted that she was no match for Redden, who displayed considerable strength and agility by effortlessly bunny hopping over the four-foot-high bench.

During her testimony, Holthus detailed the injuries she sustained in the attack, some of which she continues to deal with a month later. Redden, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder according to his family, appeared in court a week after the assault, heavily restrained and flanked by officers. He was ultimately sentenced to four years in prison for the attempted battery charge from 2023.

In addition to the attempted murder charge, Redden faces several other charges, including battery, intimidating a public officer with threat of force, extortion, and disregarding the safety of a person resulting in substantial bodily harm, as stated in court documents. His arraignment for the grand jury case is scheduled for February 29.

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