Large Amount of Mushrooms Found at Scene of Roseville Double Murder-Suicide

Large Amount of Mushrooms Found at Scene of Roseville Double Murder-Suicide

Roseville authorities are investigating a double murder-suicide that occurred over the weekend, with a focus on whether hallucinogens played a role in the incident. A search warrant revealed that a significant quantity of mushrooms in various containers was found at the scene. The warrant did not specify if the mushrooms had been tested for hallucinogens.

The search of the apartment on Eldridge Avenue, conducted approximately four hours after a 911 call from one of the victims’ girlfriends, uncovered one jar of mushrooms, eight jars, and a plastic container of mushroom spawn, as well as suspected mushrooms in multiple plastic containers, jars, bags, a bin, and a box.

In addition to the mushrooms, authorities discovered a Ruger rifle in the closet and a magazine with ammunition in a safe. The Roseville Police Department, in collaboration with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, is continuing its investigation into the case.

The incident unfolded when Nou Xiong, 33, sent a picture of his cut neck to his girlfriend, expressing uncertainty about the well-being of three other men inside the residence. Xiong’s girlfriend promptly called 911, leading investigators to the scene. They found Xiong and three men with knife and gunshot wounds. Xiong underwent emergency surgery at Regions Hospital and is now in good condition. The other victims, Meng Vang, John Thao, and Fong Vang, all 32 years old, died at the scene.

According to Deputy Police Chief Joe Adams, initial indications suggest that hallucinogenic drugs may have been a contributing factor in the incident. However, no motive has been identified thus far. The police have not had any prior contact with Meng Vang, and there were no previous police-related calls to the apartment.

Family and friends of the victims have expressed their grief on social media, seeking support for funeral expenses. Fong Vang’s memorial service is scheduled for Sunday, and donations have already raised nearly half of the family’s $15,000 goal. A separate fundraiser aims to gather $20,000 to support John Thao’s family. The burial arrangements for Thao and Meng Vang are currently unknown.

The investigation into the double murder-suicide is ongoing, and authorities are still determining the exact role hallucinogenic drugs may have played in the incident.


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