LAPD Continues Search for Leads in Fatal Shootings of Sex Workers in South Los Angeles

LAPD Continues Search for Leads in Fatal Shootings of Sex Workers in South Los Angeles

LAPD homicide detectives are intensifying their efforts to gather leads in two separate fatal shootings of women engaged in sex work in South Los Angeles. The victims, one of whom was a transgender woman, were targeted in what appears to be acts of violence related to their profession. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with either homicide.

The most recent incident occurred early Thursday near the intersection of West 70th and Figueroa streets. The earlier shooting took place late Tuesday on Hoover Street, just west of the Figueroa Corridor, an area known for its history of sex trade activity. The identities of the victims have not been disclosed by authorities.

In the first case, police responded to reports of a body lying on Hoover Street between Slauson Avenue and West 59th Street. Upon arrival, officers discovered a broken fingernail and a can of Mace near the victim, indicating a possible struggle. Surveillance footage from a nearby sports bar revealed a light-colored sedan parked next to a high school parking lot. A figure emerged from the vehicle, dragged the body onto the pavement, and then drove away. The victim remained on the road for several minutes before police arrived.

According to law enforcement, the victim in the initial shooting was shot inside the car following a sexual encounter that turned violent for unknown reasons. Police have noted that sex workers in the area are often picked up by customers who either drive to nearby motels or park on adjacent streets. Unfortunately, these encounters occasionally escalate into violence, either at the hands of customers or pimps.

Jen Elizabeth, director of street engagement for the nonprofit organization The Sidewalk Project, cautioned against assuming that transgender individuals dressed provocatively are sex workers. Elizabeth emphasized that societal attitudes towards those engaged in sex work have normalized acts of violence. Transgender individuals, in particular, are vulnerable to violence, with some customers lashing out due to their own internal struggles with sexuality.

The second shooting occurred sometime after 4 a.m. on Thursday, when police discovered a young woman in her 20s shot in the back of the head on Figueroa Street. Like the previous incident, a 9-millimeter firearm was used in the attack. Detectives are currently working to piece together evidence and have requested the public’s assistance in locating the shooter.

These recent shootings follow a homicide last month on Western Avenue, another known “prostitution track,” where a 25-year-old woman was killed by gunfire from a passing vehicle. A 60-year-old unhoused man nearby was also injured but survived.

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