Lafayette, California Man Captured After Fleeing Mental Health Diversion Program

Kenneth David McIsaac, 32

Lafayette resident Kenneth David McIsaac, 32, who had been enrolled in a mental health diversion program after being charged with holding a family hostage, has been apprehended by authorities. The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that McIsaac was arrested in Oakland on Tuesday and subsequently booked into the Martinez Detention Facility.

During a hearing on Wednesday, Judge Julia Campins terminated McIsaac’s mental health diversion status at the request of the district attorney. Prosecutors have stated that McIsaac is currently being held without bail.

The charges against McIsaac stem from an incident on September 24, 2022, when he allegedly broke into a Lafayette apartment, held a family at gunpoint, and kept them hostage for five hours until they managed to escape. McIsaac was charged with multiple felony counts, including kidnapping, false imprisonment by violence, robbery, burglary, and child abuse.

McIsaac had spent a year in jail while awaiting trial until approximately two months ago when Judge Campins ruled that he qualified for the mental health diversion program. This program allowed him to stay at a hotel but required him to undergo drug testing and supervision. However, objections were raised by prosecutors and one of the alleged victims regarding McIsaac’s placement in the diversion program.

On October 24, McIsaac left the diversion program, prompting a warrant for his arrest. Criminal proceedings against him are set to resume on November 29, according to prosecutors.

Author: CrimeDoor

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