Knife-Wielding Bandits Foiled in Quicker-Picker-Upper Heist at Upper East Side CVS

Knife-Wielding Bandits Foiled in Quicker-Picker-Upper Heist at Upper East Side CVS

In a daring heist that unfolded at a CVS store on the Upper East Side of New York City, a pair of knife-wielding bandits attempted to make off with a substantial haul of Bounty paper towels. However, their ill-conceived plan quickly unraveled, leading to their apprehension.

The incident occurred on Tuesday morning at approximately 10:20 a.m. when the two perpetrators entered the drug store located on Lexington Avenue near East 87th Street. Seizing the opportunity, they swiftly grabbed 20 packs of the popular Bounty paper towels, valued at over $200, from the store shelves.

Their brazen act did not go unnoticed, as a vigilant 20-year-old male employee confronted the thieves and demanded they leave the premises. In response, one of the culprits brandished a knife, menacingly threatening the worker. Undeterred, the employee promptly alerted the authorities.

Realizing their escape was imminent, the duo hastily fled the store, clutching the bulky packs of stolen paper towels. Their intended route led them towards the nearby No. 6 train station, hoping to vanish into the bustling city.

By the afternoon, the New York Police Department (NYPD) had not officially confirmed any arrests. However, compelling photographs captured by a Post photographer depicted law enforcement officers restraining a man, surrounded by several packs of the pilfered Bounty paper towels.

The incident, though not classified as breaking news, falls under the category of true crime due to the involvement of criminal activity and the threat posed by the knife-wielding bandits. The CVS store, a well-known retail chain, became the target of this audacious heist.

Author: CrimeDoor

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