Kenyan Murder Suspect Escapes Police Custody, Triggers Manhunt

Kenyan Murder Suspect Escapes Police Custody, Triggers Manhunt

In a shocking turn of events, Kevin Kangethe, a Kenyan national accused of killing his girlfriend in Massachusetts, has managed to escape from police custody in Nairobi, Kenya. The suspect, who was awaiting extradition to the United States, had been detained for the alleged murder of Margaret Mbitu, whose lifeless body was discovered in a car at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Kangethe’s escape has prompted an immediate search operation by law enforcement authorities.

According to Nairobi Police Chief Adamson Bungei, the 40-year-old suspect slipped out of the police station and swiftly boarded a privately owned minivan on Thursday. The escape occurred after a man named John Maina Ndegwa, who identified himself as Kangethe’s lawyer, requested a meeting with his client. The officers on duty agreed to the request and took Kangethe to an office, leaving them alone. However, within a short span of time, Kangethe managed to flee, leaving Ndegwa behind. Despite the officers’ pursuit, the suspect evaded capture.

The police report, obtained by The Associated Press, reveals that four officers who were on duty at the time have been taken into custody and have provided statements. Nairobi Police Chief Bungei expressed his embarrassment over the incident and assured that the officers responsible for Kangethe’s escape would be thoroughly investigated.

Kangethe had been held in custody pending a ruling on his extradition to the United States to face a first-degree murder charge in connection with Margaret Mbitu’s death. The preliminary investigation indicated that Mbitu had left her workplace and traveled with Kangethe to Lowell, Massachusetts, where he resided. Massachusetts State Police had previously disclosed that Kangethe left Mbitu’s body in a car at Logan International Airport before fleeing to Kenya. After three months on the run, he was apprehended in a Nairobi nightclub on January 30 and subsequently detained for 30 days by a Kenyan court.

The escape of Kangethe has raised suspicions of corruption within the Kenyan police force, which has long been plagued by such allegations. Similar incidents involving suspected killers escaping custody have occurred in the past, further fueling concerns about the integrity of the system. One such case involved Masten Wanjala, who confessed to killing 10 children in Bungoma, Kenya. Wanjala reportedly escaped from police cells in Nairobi and was later beaten to death by a mob in his hometown.

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