Kent, Washington Police Shooting: Man Charges Officers with Circular Saw, Leading to Fatal Shooting

A police-involved shooting in Kent, Washington, on April 18, 2023, resulted in the death of a man who charged at officers with a circular saw. This incident, which occurred in the 12200 block of 259th Place, was captured on newly obtained video footage from a police department.

The suspect, identified as Dylan Wallace, engaged in alarming behavior just before the incident. Officers reported that Wallace consumed and doused himself with gasoline. Home security video captured the critical moments when Wallace, armed with a circular saw, aggressively approached the police. The footage shows Wallace closing in to within ten feet of the officers before they fired their weapons, resulting in his death at the scene.

The location of the shooting was notably close to the headquarters of the Kent School District and a block away from a popular daycare center. A parent, speaking to KOMO News during the incident, expressed relief that the children were safe and that parents would be notified about picking them up.

Police were initially called to Wallace’s residence in response to a domestic violence report. Wallace’s roommate witnessed him dousing and ingesting gasoline. Moments before the shooting, a gas canister was seen being thrown onto Wallace’s driveway. The video then depicts officers retreating as Wallace emerged from his garage, and within 15 seconds, the officers fatally shot him.

Police stated that Wallace was actively squeezing the trigger of the circular saw as he charged at them.

Author: CrimeDoor

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