Kenosha, Wisconsin Court Drops Charges Against Couple in Mistaken Identity Applebee’s Fiasco

Kenosha County Circuit Court has dismissed charges against Jermelle English, Jr. and Shanya Boyd, who were arrested earlier this year while dining at an Applebee’s with their 1-year-old child. The incident, captured on cell phone video, occurred on July 20, when the couple was mistakenly suspected by police of being involved in a nearby hit-and-run.

The video, which gained attention after being featured by ABC News, shows police attempting to detain English while he was holding his baby. An Applebee’s employee is heard in the video concerned for the baby’s safety. The child was eventually taken from English’s arms by an employee before he was tackled and restrained by the officers.

The initial police search was for an African American male and female with a baby, as per the complaint. The suspects were later found in the Applebee’s bathroom. Despite this, English and Boyd faced charges of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, with Boyd also charged with possession of THC.

These charges were subsequently dropped, as indicated by court records. English’s legal representation came from Team Roc attorney Alex Spiro. Team Roc, a division of Roc Nation owned by Jay-Z, focuses on social justice issues.

Dania Diaz, managing director of Team ROC, stated that English was a victim of racial profiling and should not have been charged. She expressed hope that the dismissal of charges would aid in the family’s healing process.

Following the incident, the Kenosha Police Department conducted an internal investigation into the officers’ use of force. In November, it was announced that both officers involved violated protocol, resulting in suspensions and additional training to address identified deficiencies. The department emphasized its commitment to high-quality service and accountability.

Chris Morris
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