Kansas City Chiefs Fan Wrongly Identified as Gunman at Super Bowl Victory Parade

A Kansas City Chiefs fan, Denton Loudermill, has come forward to clear his name after being wrongly identified as one of the gunmen involved in the deadly shooting that occurred during the team’s Super Bowl victory parade. Loudermill, a father from Olathe, Kansas, was photographed in a red sweatshirt surrounded by police officers shortly after the mass shooting broke out at the rally on Wednesday. However, social media users falsely accused him of being one of the apprehended gunmen.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday, Loudermill expressed his innocence, stating that he was merely enjoying himself like everyone else at the parade. His attorney, LaRonna Lassiter Saunders, confirmed that Loudermill had consumed several drinks on the tragic day but emphasized that this did not make him a mass shooter. Saunders further explained that Loudermill was detained for being intoxicated and failing to move away from the crime scene. However, he was eventually released without any charges or official arrest.

The false accusations circulating online have put Loudermill’s life in danger, with him receiving death threats. His lawyer pleaded for the truth to be spread and for his name to be cleared to ensure his safety. Meanwhile, the attorney also expressed condolences to the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a local DJ who was killed in the shooting, along with 22 others who were injured.

Author: CrimeDoor

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