Kaitlin Armstrong’s Trial Commences in the Murder of Elite Cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson

Kaitlin Armstrong’s Trial Commences in the Murder of Elite Cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson

Opening statements are set to commence this Wednesday in the trial of Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, who is accused of the fatal shooting of renowned cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson in May 2022. Armstrong has pled not guilty to first-degree murder. Prosecutors suggest that the motive was rooted in romantic jealousy.

Additionally, Armstrong is facing a federal charge for fleeing to Costa Rica post the incident, leading authorities on a 40-day search before being apprehended and extradited to the U.S in July 2022. This evasion added another layer to the case, as Armstrong attempted a daring escape from custody during a medical appointment a few weeks ago, resulting in a further felony charge for causing bodily harm during her escape.

Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, who was prepping for the Gravel Locos bike race, was discovered dead at a friend’s home on May 11, 2022, riddled with gunshot wounds. On that same day, she had spent the afternoon with professional cyclist Colin Strickland, Armstrong’s then-boyfriend, who confirmed their brief liaison during a separation from Armstrong.

By May 17, a homicide warrant was out for Armstrong based on surveillance footage placing a vehicle similar to hers near the crime scene. Furthermore, ballistics from the crime scene were notably similar to those of a firearm Strickland had recently bought for Armstrong.

In a twist, Armstrong was subsequently seen at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. By May 25, a federal warrant was issued, citing “unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.” Her arrest finally came on June 29 in Costa Rica, with significant changes to her appearance and using a falsified passport.

The case witnessed an unexpected twist on October 11 when Armstrong reportedly attempted to flee during an external medical appointment, escorted by two officers. Cell phone footage taken in the parking lot depicts Armstrong, dressed in jail stripes and handcuffed, evading an officer and attempting to scale a fence. Authorities believe Armstrong’s complaint of an injury was a calculated move to secure the external appointment and get her leg restraints removed.

She now confronts an added felony charge for escape, which carries a potential sentence of up to 20 years behind bars.

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