Kaitlin Armstrong’s Former Boyfriend Testifies in Yoga Teacher’s Murder Trial of Cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson

Caitlin Armstrong, Moriah Wilson and Colin Strickland

Colin Strickland, the former boyfriend of Kaitlin Armstrong, testified on Friday in the murder trial of Armstrong, who is accused of killing champion cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson. Strickland described Armstrong as a jealous and “passive aggressive” girlfriend who had access to all his electronic devices and social media accounts. He testified that Armstrong had a history of jealousy towards Wilson and other women he interacted with.

Strickland admitted to hiding his friendship with Wilson from Armstrong, even going so far as to delete messages and save Wilson’s contact information under a pseudonym in his phone. On the day of Wilson’s death, Strickland lied to Armstrong about his whereabouts, claiming he was running errands when he was actually meeting up with Wilson for a swim.

Prosecutors allege that Armstrong had snooped on Strickland’s messages and followed him after he dropped Wilson off at a friend’s house. They claim that Armstrong ambushed Wilson, shooting her multiple times in a murder captured on audio.

During his testimony, Strickland revealed that Armstrong managed his career and had access to all his social media accounts, electronic devices, and bank accounts. He described Armstrong as having a jealous streak not only towards Wilson but also towards other women he interacted with.

Strickland recounted the events following Wilson’s death, including being interviewed by police, purchasing a new phone, and discussing legal representation with Armstrong. He testified that Armstrong sold her car, used her sister’s passport to flee to Costa Rica, and underwent plastic surgery before being captured 43 days later.

Strickland appeared “defeated” and “sad” as he testified, according to a reporter in the courtroom. He is expected to continue his testimony on Monday.


Author: CrimeDoor

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