Juvenile Fatally Shot in Unincorporated San Leandro

Juvenile Fatally Shot in Unincorporated San Leandro

A tragic incident unfolded in unincorporated San Leandro on Thursday, resulting in the death of a young boy from a gunshot wound to his head. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call at approximately 5:30 p.m. reporting a person on the ground near the intersection of 170th Avenue and Clinton Avenue, as stated in a news release by the sheriff’s office.

Upon arrival, deputies discovered a male juvenile suffering from a gunshot wound to his head. Despite the prompt arrival of emergency medical personnel, the boy succumbed to his injuries. The sheriff’s office has launched an investigation into the incident, treating it as a homicide.

Authorities have stated that this fatal shooting appears to be an isolated incident, assuring the public that there is no immediate threat to their safety. However, as of Friday, no arrests have been made, and the sheriff’s office has not released any description of a possible suspect.

Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this tragic incident. It’s truly heartbreaking. In your post, you mentioned that the incident occurred in unincorporated San Leandro. Could you please provide more information about the location and any potential factors that may have contributed to this unfortunate event?

  2. This is a heartbreaking incident, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of gun safety and responsible firearm ownership. If you or someone you know is a gun owner, it is crucial to educate yourself on proper safety measures and storage practices. The National Rifle Association (NRA) provides resources and courses on gun safety, including their Eddie Eagle GunSafe program, which teaches children what to do if they come across a firearm. Additionally, organizations like Everytown for Gun Safety offer information and resources on preventing

  3. This is absolutely sickening and heartbreaking. How could something so tragic happen to an innocent young boy? It’s infuriating that gun violence continues to claim the lives of our children. My heart goes out to the family of this poor child, who now have to endure the unimaginable pain of losing their loved one in such a senseless act. We need stricter gun control laws and better measures to ensure the safety of our children. It’s time for action, not just empty condolences.

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