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Justin Timberlake Addresses DWI Arrest During Chicago Concert

Justin Timberlake made his first public remarks since his recent drunk-driving arrest in the Hamptons during his concert at Chicago’s United Center on Friday night. The 10-time Grammy winner, 43, took the stage for the first time since his embarrassing DWI incident and expressed gratitude to his fans for their continued support. Timberlake had previously apologized to his behind-the-stage crew, but this was the first time he addressed the incident publicly.

Acknowledging the challenging week he had faced, Timberlake told the crowd, “It’s been a tough week. I know I’m hard to love sometimes, but you keep loving me right back.” The audience responded with cheers, showing their support for the troubled singer.

The incident occurred when Timberlake consumed a $21 Vesper Martini at the American Hotel while having dinner with friends. Driving his gray 2025 BMW, he allegedly ran through a stop sign, catching the attention of authorities who subsequently pulled him over. Court documents reveal that Timberlake was charged with driving while intoxicated, running a stop sign, and failure to maintain his lane.

Interestingly, the arresting officer was reportedly unaware of Timberlake’s fame, not recognizing him or his name. When Timberlake expressed concern that the arrest would ruin his tour, the officer responded with a puzzled “what tour?” This interaction was captured on bodycam footage.

During the arrest, Timberlake claimed to have consumed only one drink but refused to take a Breathalyzer test on three separate occasions. Although he attempted to pass field sobriety tests, he failed and was subsequently taken into custody.

Witnesses at the bar reported that Timberlake appeared heavily intoxicated, even going as far as grabbing someone else’s drink from a table and consuming it while the owner was away. The “Mickey Mouse Club” alum’s disheveled appearance in court, wearing a black baseball cap, gray graphic t-shirt with “Live Circuit” on it, and a black short-sleeve button-up, further supported these claims.

Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, expressed shock and extreme upset upon hearing the news of her husband’s DWI arrest. Biel, who was in Manhattan filming a movie at the time, conveyed her disappointment to Us Weekly.

If convicted, Timberlake could face up to a year in Suffolk County Jail. However, legal experts suggest that given his clean criminal record, it is unlikely he will receive such a severe sentence. Instead, he may face a fine of $500 and a 90-day suspension of his driver’s license in the state of New York.

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