Jury Convicts Suspected Serial Killer in Delaware and Pennsylvania Murders

Jury Convicts Suspected Serial Killer in Delaware and Pennsylvania Murders

Keith Gibson, a 41-year-old Philadelphia resident, was found guilty by a Delaware jury on Tuesday for a series of murders and other crimes committed in Delaware and Pennsylvania in 2021. The jury’s decision came after approximately six hours of deliberation across two days, convicting Gibson of murder, robbery, attempted murder, armed robbery, assault, conspiracy, and gun-related offenses.

Gibson was found guilty in the killings of Leslie Ruiz-Basilio, a 28-year-old cellphone store clerk in Elsmere, and Ronald Wright, a 42-year-old Wilmington drug dealer. Additionally, he was convicted for the attempted murder and robbery of Belal Almansoori, a Wilmington store clerk, among other crimes. He faces mandatory life sentences for the murder convictions, with sentencing yet to be scheduled by the judge.

In Philadelphia, Gibson is also accused of murdering his mother, a doughnut shop manager, and two men in Germantown. These charges, approved by the Philadelphia District Attorney, are pending Gibson’s prosecution in Delaware.

Prosecutors presented strong evidence, including video surveillance footage of the crimes and ballistics evidence linking the shootings to a revolver found upon Gibson’s arrest. Other evidence included Gibson’s bicycle found near one crime scene and his identification by an acquaintance from surveillance footage.

The defense did not present any evidence or witnesses, instead focusing on challenging the prosecution’s case, particularly the lack of DNA or fingerprint evidence directly linking Gibson to the crimes.

Gibson’s spree of violence, which included shootings and robberies, is believed to have started shortly after his release from a Delaware prison in December 2020. He had served about 13 years for manslaughter and firearm possession during a felony.

Gibson was finally apprehended on June 8, 2021, following a robbery at a Wilmington Rite Aid store, where he was found wearing body armor and carrying ammunition consistent with that used in the murders. A revolver linked to the shootings was discovered near his arrest location.

The verdict marks a significant development in a case that has shocked communities across Delaware and Pennsylvania, bringing a measure of closure to the families of the victims.


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