June 5, 1960 – The Lake Bodom murders

June 5, 1960 – The Lake Bodom murders

On June 5, 1960, four teens camping at Bodom Lake in Espoo, Finland, were attacked while asleep in their tent. Maila Björklund, 15; Anja Mäki, 15; and Seppo Boisman, 18, died in the attack. Nils Gustafsson, 18, was severely injured but survived.

The attack took place sometime between 4-6 a.m. The victims were found around 11 a.m. Each of the dead were repeatedly stabbed and then bludgeoned. They had been attacked from outside the tent, with the perpetrator stabbing them through the tent’s walls. Gustafsson’s shoes were found 500 meters away. Björklund was naked from the waist down and laying on top of the tent. She had suffered the most stab wounds. Gustafsson was also found on top of the tent; he had broken bones in his face. He reported seeing a man in black and red carry out the attack. Boys who were birdwatching in the area said they saw a blond man walking away from the campsite at 6 a.m.

Suspicion in the attack immediately turned to a local, Valdemar Gyllström. He owned a store in Oittaa and did not like people camping in the area. Gyllström drowned in the lake in 1969 and it was never determined whether he attacked the teens. Gustafsson was tried for the murders in 2005. DNA evidence showed blood from the three dead teens on Gustafsson’s shoes, and the prosecutors said they believed he’d gotten into a fight with Boisman. However, he was acquitted on Oct. 7, 2005. The case remains unsolved.

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  1. Wow, this post reminds me of a chilling case that happened in my hometown. It’s known as the “Bodom Lake Murders” and it still remains unsolved to this day.

    In the summer of 1960, four teenagers – Maila Irmeli Björklund, Anja Tuulikki Mäki, Seppo Antero Boisman, and Nils Wilhelm Gustafsson – decided to go camping at Bodom Lake in Espoo, Finland. Little did they

  2. I remember hearing about the Bodom Lake incident when I was younger, and it always sent chills down my spine. It’s a haunting story that has remained unsolved for decades.

    I grew up in Finland, and the Bodom Lake incident was something that everyone in the country knew about. The fact that it happened in our own backyard made it even more terrifying. It was a popular camping spot, and many families and friends would go there to enjoy the beautiful nature and peaceful surroundings.

    I was

  3. Wow, I had never heard of the Bodom Lake incident before. It’s truly horrifying to think about being attacked while you’re asleep and vulnerable. It’s a reminder of how unpredictable and dangerous the world can be, even in seemingly peaceful places like a camping site. My heart goes out to the families and friends of those four teens who lost their lives that night. It must have been a devastating tragedy for the entire community. It’s important to remember these stories and learn from them, so we

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