Judge Rules Sexual Assault Case Against Newport Beach Surgeon and Girlfriend Should Go to Trial on Remaining Counts

Judge Rules Sexual Assault Case Against Newport Beach Surgeon and Girlfriend Should Go to Trial on Remaining Counts

Orange County Superior Court Judge Michael Leversen has ruled that the sexual assault case against Grant Robicheaux, a Newport Beach surgeon, and his girlfriend, Cerissa Riley, should proceed to trial on seven remaining counts. The charges include slipping drugs into a woman’s drink. In July, Judge Leversen had dismissed the case due to insufficient evidence, which was a significant setback for a case that had already seen a reduction in charges since 2018.

Initially, Robicheaux faced charges of sexually assaulting five women, while Riley was accused of being involved in attacks on three women. However, all sex charges were dropped, and three more felony counts were set to be dismissed in late August. These counts involved the allegation that Robicheaux and Riley drugged a woman known as Jane Doe and provided her with PCP, with Riley also supplying cocaine.

Judge Leversen reversed his decision on Thursday, stating that the three counts can stand, and a jury should determine disputed facts, such as whether Jane Doe voluntarily ingested the drugs, as claimed by the defense. Alongside the charges related to Jane Doe, Robicheaux also faces felony counts of illegal possession of assault weapons and misdemeanor charges of possessing cocaine, Ecstasy, psilocybin, and GHB.

The case has garnered significant attention due to Robicheaux’s celebrity status. He appeared on the Bravo reality show “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” and was previously named Orange County’s “Most Eligible Bachelor” by a local magazine. Former District Attorney Tony Rackauckas portrayed Robicheaux and Riley as predators who targeted women in Newport Beach bars, drugged them, and sexually assaulted them. However, Rackauckas’s successor, Todd Spitzer, cited “serious proof problems” and stated that no sex videos were found, contrary to Rackauckas’s claims.

The state attorney general’s office took over the case, which has now been reduced to two accusers, with Jane Doe being the sole remaining complainant. According to the criminal complaint, Jane Doe met Robicheaux and Riley in April 2017 at a restaurant in Newport Beach. She later went to a second bar, where Riley allegedly provided her with cocaine. Jane Doe’s next memory was walking up the stairs to Robicheaux’s home, where she claims the couple made aggressive sexual advances despite her protests. She also alleges that Robicheaux shook powder identified as PCP into a water bottle, which Riley handed to her.

The trial is scheduled for November, and Jane Doe, who serves in the Israeli military, is expected to fly to the United States to testify for the prosecution.


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