Judge Rejects Plea Agreement in Shooting Death Case of Suicidal Man

Judge Rejects Plea Agreement in Shooting Death Case of Suicidal Man

A Los Angeles County judge has rejected a negotiated plea agreement in the case of Deputy Remin Pineda, who faced assault charges in the shooting death of David Ordaz Jr. outside his family’s East L.A. home in 2021. The plea deal would have allowed Pineda to avoid jail time and give up his right to be a police officer in California. However, Judge Michael Pastor refused to accept the agreement after hearing emotional pleas from Ordaz Jr.’s family.

Pineda was charged with assault with a firearm and assault under color of authority. Prosecutors determined that there was not enough evidence to charge two other deputies involved in the shooting, while a third deputy acted in lawful self-defense. Deputy Dist. Atty. Guy Shirley stated that Pineda’s use of force was excessive, as he continued shooting even after Ordaz Jr. was on the ground and fired at least one round after he dropped the knife.

The family of David Ordaz Jr. expressed their anger and frustration with the plea agreement, stating that they believed Pineda should face jail time for his actions. They were not consulted by the district attorney’s office before the deal was reached and were only informed of the terms two weeks ago.

Pineda is scheduled to appear in court again in December. The status of the other deputies involved in Ordaz Jr.’s death is currently unknown. The district attorney’s office stated that they are prepared to move forward with a preliminary hearing and trial.

The shooting incident occurred in March 2021 when deputies responded to a call for help from Ordaz Jr.’s family. He was armed with a knife and expressed his desire for the police to shoot him. Body camera footage showed that deputies repeatedly ordered Ordaz Jr. to drop the knife, but he did not comply. Beanbag rounds were fired in an attempt to subdue him, but when Ordaz Jr. took several steps forward, deputies fired their service weapons, resulting in his death.

Ordaz Jr. left behind three children and was struggling with anxiety and depression at the time of the shooting. The incident has had a profound impact on his family, who now question their trust in law enforcement.

After Judge Pastor’s ruling, Ordaz Jr.’s loved ones were seen crying and hugging in the courthouse hallway. The case remains pending litigation, and the district attorney’s office has stated that they believe the charges against Pineda are substantiated by the evidence.


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