Judge Jeffrey Ferguson Charged with Murder After Shooting Wife in Anaheim Hills

Judge Jeffrey Ferguson has been charged with murder after shooting his wife, Sheryl Ferguson, at their home in Anaheim Hills. The incident occurred on August 3 following an argument that started at a restaurant and continued at their residence. According to court records, the 72-year-old judge pulled out a .40-caliber pistol and shot his wife at close range in front of their adult son.

After the shooting, Judge Ferguson sent a text message to his court clerk and bailiff, admitting to the crime and stating that he would be in custody. The couple’s son called 911, reporting that his father was intoxicated and unable to stabilize his mother. Judge Ferguson himself also called 911, confirming that his wife had been shot but refusing to discuss further details.

Prosecutors claim that the judge had initially threatened to shoot his wife during their argument at the restaurant by mimicking a firearm with his finger. Upon arrest, Ferguson expressed remorse and made statements indicating his disbelief at his actions.

During a search of the family’s home, police discovered that Judge Ferguson owned 48 firearms, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns, along with over 26,000 rounds of ammunition. All firearms were legally owned.

Judge Ferguson was released on $1 million bail and has been charged with murder, the discharge of a firearm causing death, and personally using a firearm. If convicted on all counts, he faces a potential sentence of 40 years to life in prison.

Ferguson’s attorneys have described the incident as a tragic accident and maintain that their client is not guilty.


Author: CrimeDoor

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