Judge Dismisses Remaining Claims in Defamation Lawsuit Against Auon’tai Anderson

Judge Dismisses Remaining Claims in Defamation Lawsuit Against Auon’tai Anderson

A Denver District Court judge has dismissed the remaining claims in a defamation lawsuit filed by former Denver Public Schools Board of Education member Auon’tai Anderson. The lawsuit was in response to unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations made against him. The court order, filed on June 5, effectively concludes Anderson’s legal battle.

The defamation claims stemmed from an April 2021 post on Black Lives Matter 5280’s Instagram account, where Anderson was accused of sexually assaulting a woman. Following this, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education initiated an independent investigation into the allegations. Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, a parent and community activist, later came forward with additional accusations against Anderson, stating that a predator was targeting DPS students. Although she did not initially name Anderson, the school district later confirmed that she was referring to him. Brooks Fleming also made claims about Anderson on social media.

The independent investigation ultimately found no evidence to support the sexual assault allegations against Anderson. However, it did reveal that he had engaged in flirtatious behavior with a 16-year-old on social media and had made intimidating posts. As a result, the school board censured him for his actions.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, Anderson filed a defamation lawsuit against Black Lives Matter 5280 and four of its members, as well as Brooks Fleming and Jeeva Sinthilnathan, a Parker activist who made allegations against Anderson on her Facebook page. The claims against Black Lives Matter 5280 and its members were previously dismissed, but a portion of Anderson’s claims against Brooks Fleming and all of his claims against Sinthilnathan were allowed to proceed in district court.

However, Judge David Goldberg dismissed the remaining claims “for failure to prosecute” at the request of lawyers representing Brooks Fleming and Sinthilnathan. Anderson, who did not seek re-election, expressed relief that the court cases were finally over. He also mentioned that he still owes money to Black Lives Matter 5280 for their attorney’s fees, which is being negotiated by his lawyer.

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