Judge Defends Herself Against Allegations of Withholding Case Records in Delphi Murders Case

Judge Francis G, presiding over the Delphi murders case, has filed a 20-page response to the Indiana Supreme Court, defending herself against allegations that she improperly withheld important case records from the public. The allegations were made by attorneys representing defendant Richard Allen, who claim that the judge has not released over 100 court documents related to the case on the state’s public access website.

Allen’s attorneys have appealed to the Indiana Supreme Court, requesting an order for Judge G to release the records. However, in her response, Judge G argued that the request is now moot as she had already ordered nearly all the records to be posted in the electronic case file accessible to the public earlier this week.

The judge also raised procedural concerns, stating that Allen and his attorneys failed to make a written request directly to the trial court before appealing to the Supreme Court. She further noted that the request was not filed in a timely manner, as it pertains to issues that occurred months ago. Additionally, Judge G pointed out that it is the responsibility of the Carroll County Clerk, not her, to place the court records online.

It is important to note that Judge G’s response emphasizes that Allen and his legal team have had access to the records throughout the case, whether they were sealed or not.


Author: CrimeDoor

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