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Jonathan “Master” Lockett Found Guilty on All Charges in Birmingham, AL Rape Trial

Jonathan “Master” Lockett has been found guilty on all 12 charges he faced, including sexual torture, rape, and sodomy, in his recent trial. The jury reached a unanimous decision after deliberating for four hours on Tuesday. Lockett now faces a sentence of 20 years to life in prison, with his sentencing scheduled for October 16.

During the trial, prosecutors dismissed one of the rape counts due to issues with a witness’s testimony. The jury heard from top investigator Ben Short, who presented a PowerPoint linking Lockett to all the sexual assault scenes using cell phone data. Numerous cell phones, some belonging to victims, were recovered from Lockett’s home and vehicle.

Lockett took the stand to defend himself, claiming that his encounters with the victims were consensual or professional. He described in detail how he paid for specific sexual favors but denied using a victim’s stolen pistol to force compliance. Videos shot by Lockett himself were played by the prosecutors as evidence.


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