Jonathan Majors’ Domestic Violence Trial Delayed, New Date Set

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The trial of actor Jonathan Majors for domestic violence charges has been pushed back to September 6, according to Judge Michael Gaffey’s announcement in a short hearing held in lower Manhattan yesterday. Originally slated to begin yesterday, Assistant D.A Kelli Galaway informed the judge that the prosecution needed more time for discovery, leading to the rescheduling. Despite the delay, Judge Gaffey made it clear that time is of the essence, emphasizing that “time will continue to run against the people.”

Present in the courtroom alongside his defense team, the star of Creed III, Jonathan Majors, and actress Meagan Good attended the two-minute hearing. Facing misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment, Majors could potentially face up to a year in jail if found guilty. Led by defense attorney Priya Chaudhry, Majors’ legal team vehemently maintains their client’s innocence, going so far as to accuse the NYPD and the justice system of racial bias.

Following a previous hearing in front of Judge Rachel Pauley on June 20, Chaudhry released a statement asserting that additional compelling evidence proving the alleged victim’s assault on Majors had been delivered to the District Attorney. However, this evidence has yet to be revealed, despite the existence of video footage from the night of the incident, in which Majors himself called 911.

In the statement released after the hearing, Chaudhry expressed that Jonathan Majors has endured a harrowing ordeal for the past four months, with his life, career, and reputation torn apart. While no charges have been filed against the woman involved in the incident, a temporary order of protection remains in effect. Judge Gaffey reminded Majors during the hearing that he must adhere to this order and refrain from any contact with his accuser.

The atmosphere in the courtroom was filled with technical discussions among the lawyers, the judge, and references to certificate of compliance and redaction. These discussions indicated that certain issues are still being negotiated leading up to the trial. Unlike previous hearings, photography and videotaping were prohibited by Judge Gaffey. Additionally, after Majors exited the courtroom, an unexpected lockdown was imposed, allowing only the actor and his entourage to leave.

This turn of events has undoubtedly had a significant impact on Jonathan Majors’ career. Since his arrest, he has been dropped by both his management company, Entertainment 360, and his publicist, The Lede Company. Various ad campaigns featuring Majors were also halted. The potential for an Oscar campaign surrounding his acclaimed performance in “Magazine Dreams” has been put on hold as several roles disappeared in the aftermath of the charges. Majors’ situation is a far cry from the recent attention he received for his role in the Marvel series “Loki,” as his profile has considerably diminished.

Disney’s Searchlight Pictures, which acquired the film “Magazine Dreams,” has set a release date of December 8, 2023, after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. However, the prospects of an Oscar campaign may have taken a back seat due to the ongoing legal proceedings.

As the trial date approaches, the stakes continue to rise for Jonathan Majors, who steadfastly remains determined to be exonerated from this ordeal that has taken both a personal and professional toll on him.

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