Jimmy Hoffa Burial Claims: Researchers Point to Former Milwaukee Stadium Site

Jimmy Hoffa Burial Claims: Researchers Point to Former Milwaukee Stadium Site

The unresolved mystery surrounding the disappearance of former Teamsters boss, Jimmy Hoffa, may have a new lead, according to the cold case research group, “Case Breakers.” They claim that Hoffa could be buried beneath the site of the old Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin, near the existing Milwaukee Brewers stadium, American Family Field.

Jimmy Hoffa, a significant figure in the labor union, went missing in 1975 in Detroit. Connections between his disappearance and the Italian Mafia have been widely speculated, leading to numerous investigative attempts, and even inspiring the Netflix movie, “The Irishman.” Despite past searches, including one in suburban Detroit in 2013 and another at a Jersey City landfill, Hoffa’s body remains unfound. Some stories even suggested that his remains lie beneath the Giants Stadium.

The Case Breakers, consisting of journalists, former police officers, and military investigators, have been volunteering their efforts in various cold cases. They recently gained attention by identifying a suspect in the notorious Zodiac killer case. Their investigation into Hoffa’s disappearance was guided by a deathbed confession note, independent sources, and ground-penetrating radar findings, which suggested hurried excavation at the old Milwaukee County Stadium site.

Presently, the alleged burial spot is located just outside the Helfaer Field, a Little League stadium built in 2002. Fox News confirmed that a cadaver dog detected something at this location, prompting the Case Breakers to liaise with federal authorities regarding their findings.

Hoffa’s disappearance reportedly occurred after he met with reputed mob figures at a Detroit restaurant. The Case Breakers website credits their breakthrough to a deputy identified only as “Michelle.” Before his death in 1996, a relative in law enforcement showed Michelle an Ace of Spades playing card with “Hoffa”, a date, and an alleged burial location written on it. This card was eventually shared with the Case Breakers through a connection named “Jim.”

Relying on historical data, satellite imagery, and geophysical analysis, the group believes they have located Hoffa’s final resting place. They have identified elderly witnesses and deduced that Hoffa’s remains may have been relocated. The hunt for definitive proof continues.

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