Jersey Shore Police Chief to Retire Early Following Controversial Altercation with Subordinate

Jersey Shore Police Chief Leonard Guida has announced his early retirement, effective Friday, following a highly publicized altercation with a subordinate. The decision comes in the wake of mounting criticism and an ongoing investigation into Guida’s conduct during the incident, which was captured on bodycam footage and recently made public by local news outlet TAPinto.

The incident, which occurred on November 9, shows an apparently inebriated Guida approaching the scene of a drunk driving crash while berating his own sergeant, William Major. The video reveals Guida swaying and stumbling as he questions Major about the condition of his jacket. Major removes the jacket and returns to the accident scene, but Guida persists and attempts to grab his arm. In response, Major forcefully throws Guida onto the hood of a police cruiser, demanding that he refrain from touching him. The footage also captures Major accusing Guida of being intoxicated.

Following the incident, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into Guida’s actions, leading to his suspension from his position as Bradley Beach police chief, which carries an annual salary of $202,000. Mayor Larry Fox confirmed that actions have been taken based on the recommendations from the prosecutor’s office, indicating that Guida’s retirement is a direct result of the investigation.

Expressing gratitude for Guida’s over 40 years of service, Mayor Fox stated that under Guida’s leadership, the community has become a safer place to live. However, residents of Bradley Beach have voiced their concerns, calling for Guida’s dismissal. An online petition initiated by resident Beth Keppler argues that Guida’s continued presence in his position is detrimental to the police force, community well-being, and trust in law enforcement. Keppler also criticized Mayor Fox and the town’s business administrator, alleging a lack of transparency and a failure to handle the situation appropriately.

Members of the borough council echoed these sentiments, with one councilperson claiming that the mayor kept the council uninformed about the investigation, and another accusing Mayor Fox of usurping the council’s authority by making the decision about Guida’s future without their input.

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