Jane 2 Fights Back Against Allen’s Countersuit

In a fiery legal battle, Jane 2, who accused the renowned “Best Shot” singer, Allen, of sexual assault, invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and battery, has launched a counterattack. Seeking to dismiss Allen’s countersuit, Jane 2 is arguing that her actions do not align with the alleged “conversion” claims made by Allen’s legal team.

The alarming incident unfolded in a Las Vegas hotel room, where Jane 2 claims she was subjected to an unwanted sexual encounter that was recorded on Allen’s cellphone without her consent. Surprisingly, the singer’s attorneys insist that the recording and the sexual act were consensual. They have skillfully maneuvered their strategy by accusing Jane 2 of committing “conversion,” comparing it to theft, in their countersuit.

However, Jane 2’s legal representatives are resolute in defending her actions. While acknowledging that she might have taken Allen’s phone, they argue that she did so with the intention of providing it as evidence of a crime to the police. They assert that “taking disputed property for the purpose of turning it over to the courts or law enforcement for investigation or adjudication is not theft.” Furthermore, they claim that Allen’s countersuit is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate and harass Jane 2 for reporting him to the authorities.

In response to Jane 2’s motion to dismiss his countersuit, Allen’s legal team issued a statement expressing their disagreement. Their retort and defense against the motion are eagerly awaited.

It is worth noting that Jane 2 is not the only woman facing a countersuit from Allen. Another woman, identified only as his former manager, has also leveled shocking allegations against him. Alleging sexual battery, assault, false imprisonment, sex trafficking, and emotional distress, she has not only sued him but also his management company, Wide Open Music, and its founder, Ash Bowers. She accuses Bowers of gross negligence and participation in a sex trafficking enterprise. The former manager claims that she was subject to repeated sexual abuse for 18 months while working for Allen, starting in April 2020.

Allen has staunchly denied any wrongdoing in both cases since the allegations were brought to light.

The legal battles enthusiasts and followers are eagerly monitoring this dramatic courtroom saga, waiting to see how justice unfolds for the parties involved.

Author: CrimeDoor

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