Jam Master Jay’s Final Moments Revealed in Court Testimony

In a Brooklyn court on Monday, chilling details emerged about the final moments of Jam Master Jay, the legendary DJ of Run DMC, who was gunned down in his Queens studio in 2002. Testimony revealed that Jay smiled and embraced one of his assassins just seconds before the fatal shooting.

Lifelong friend Lydia High tearfully recounted her experience on the stand, stating that she had visited the studio that night to have Mizell sign some paperwork after securing a major record deal for one of his artists. High described how Jay smiled and gave the assailant a friendly gesture before uttering the words, “Oh s–t!” Moments later, shots rang out, causing High to scream and attempt to flee.

The alleged gunman, believed to be Karl Jordan Jr., Mizell’s godson, entered the studio and opened fire. High’s escape was thwarted by another man, identified as Ronald Washington or “Tinard,” who held her at gunpoint. The defense suggested that Washington may have been trying to protect High, but the question was stricken from the record.

Uriel “Tony” Rincon, who was also shot during the incident, testified earlier in the trial, positively identifying Jordan as the killer based on his profile and a distinctive “Golden Child” neck tattoo. Jordan and Washington are currently facing charges of murder while engaged in narcotics trafficking conspiracy, with prosecutors alleging that the motive behind the ambush was rooted in “greed and revenge” after a drug deal went sour in Baltimore.

The trial also shed light on Jam Master Jay’s involvement in the cocaine trade, contradicting the hip-hop group’s public anti-drug stance. Ralph Mullgrav, a convicted drug dealer, testified that Mizell turned to cocaine trafficking as a means to make ends meet when the money from Run-DMC’s heyday started to dwindle. Mullgrav revealed that Mizell had been a minor player in the drug game, dealing small amounts before seeking his assistance to move a larger quantity from the Midwest.

Mullgrav’s refusal to work with Washington, whom he had personal issues with, led to tensions within the drug operation. He even admitted to contemplating shooting Washington during an impromptu visit to Baltimore in Mizell’s car. Mullgrav’s testimony came after he spent seven days behind bars for initially refusing to testify.

As the trial continues, the courtroom remains captivated by the revelations surrounding Jam Master Jay’s final moments and his unexpected involvement in the drug trade. The prosecution’s case seeks to establish a connection between the drug deal gone wrong and the DJ’s tragic demise, while the defense aims to challenge the evidence and testimonies presented.


Author: CrimeDoor

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  1. I can’t help but be intrigued by the recent developments in the Jam Master Jay case. It’s been nearly two decades since his tragic death, and now we’re finally hearing some chilling details about what happened in those final moments. I’m curious to know what the author thinks about this case resurfacing after all these years. Do they believe justice will finally be served? And what impact do they think this will have on the hip-hop community?

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