Ivanka Trump’s Continued Testimony Scrutinized in Fraud Inquiry Involving Trump Organization

Ivanka Trump is questioned on the witness stand in this courtroom sketch.

During Wednesday afternoon’s proceedings, Ivanka Trump faced questioning from state attorney Louis Solomon regarding her memories linked to the Trump Organization’s acquisition of the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C. The exchange, focused on an incident from 2011 involving the General Services Administration’s (GSA) apprehensions about financial statements, became a critical point in the ongoing legal scrutiny of the Trump Organization’s business practices.

Solomon presented a document indicating that the GSA, responsible for overseeing the building’s renovation selection process, had flagged issues with Donald Trump’s financial disclosures. Allegations from New York Attorney General Letitia James suggest fraudulent valuations within these statements. She also contends that both Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump addressed these discrepancies during a face-to-face meeting with GSA representatives.

Ivanka Trump, during her testimony, could not recall specific discussions about financial statements, stating the meeting’s content was more “general” and “big picture” oriented, leading to Solomon expressing frustration over her lack of detailed memory. Judge Engoron, overseeing the case, probed for more clarity, but Ivanka Trump reiterated her previous statements.

Donald Trump’s defense team has objected to Solomon’s focus on events they consider distant, labeling them as irrelevant to the current operations of a dynamic real estate business. Despite their protestations, Engoron dismissed their objections regarding the statute of limitations.

Looking ahead, the defense is scheduled to present its case, but Attorney General James has filed to exclude testimony from four of their expert witnesses, citing changes in the state’s case and a partial summary judgment decision by Engoron, rendering their insights obsolete.

Additionally, emails between Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner were discussed, shedding light on Kushner’s involvement in his wife’s real estate dealings before the Trump presidency. Despite challenges over spousal privilege, Justice Engoron ruled that the use of work emails for their communication waived any expectation of confidentiality.

In a further revelation, Ivanka Trump confirmed she received over $4 million from the sale of the Old Post Office building, aligning with the Attorney General’s intent to demonstrate Ivanka Trump’s financial gains from the alleged fraud.

As Ivanka Trump’s direct examination concluded, the cross-examination by defense attorney Jesus Suarez commenced, where she continued to distance herself from any involvement with the financial statements in question.

The court also examined Deutsche Bank’s past marketing efforts, revealing their keenness to leverage their association with the Trump Organization. Emails indicated that Deutsche Bank considered the Trump business a valued client, with Ivanka Trump attesting to their mutual appreciation.

During a more relaxed cross-examination, Ivanka Trump provided emotional and detailed responses, contrasting with the earlier tension. She reminisced about the Doral golf club, highlighting her father’s sentimental connection to the property and their efforts to enhance it, underscoring the defense’s narrative of a beneficial relationship between the banks and the Trump Organization.

This legal encounter is part of an extensive investigation into the Trump Organization’s alleged misrepresentation of asset valuations to secure loans and tax benefits, an accusation that has consistently been denied by the Trump legal team.

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