Ivanka Trump Testifies in New York Civil Fraud Case Involving Her Father’s Business Dealings

Former U.S. President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump.

In the ongoing civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka Trump appeared at the Lower Manhattan Courthouse on Wednesday to give her testimony. The appearance came after several unsuccessful attempts by the Trump legal team to quash a subpoena issued by New York Attorney General Letitia James. This development adds another layer to a case that has gripped national attention.

Former President Trump, expressing his sentiments on Truth Social the night before the testimony, stated that his daughter was set to appear in court as a witness at the behest of what he called the “Corrupt and Racist New York State Attorney General” and Judge Arthur Engoron, who he criticized sharply in his post.

Ivanka Trump, unlike her father and brothers, is not a defendant in the case but has been a central figure in both the Trump business empire and political sphere. Her testimony was preceded by that of her father and brothers earlier in the week.

Attorneys representing Donald Trump signaled their intent to question Ivanka, diverging from their earlier strategy of not cross-examining family members. “We are certainly going to ask her questions, to the extent we have questions,” said Chris Kise, one of Trump’s attorneys, signaling a nuanced approach to her involvement in the proceedings.

The courthouse drew a significant number of media personnel and onlookers, although the crowd was somewhat smaller compared to the assembly that gathered for the former president’s appearance. The security measures put in place for the trial have become commonplace, contributing to the downtown New York scene and sparking curiosity among tourists.

Ivanka Trump’s arrival did not include any public statements, maintaining the sober decorum expected of such legal proceedings.

Louis Solomon, who is leading the questioning for the state, previously interrogated Ivanka Trump during her deposition in August 2022. In that deposition, she denied any involvement with the financial statements at the heart of the fraud allegations. The courtroom dynamic has been intense, with previous testimonies such as that of former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg resulting in confrontations with the prosecution.

Attorney General James, present in the courtroom, has been direct in her allegations, stating that evidence will show Ivanka Trump personally benefited from fraudulent activities. James sat prominently near the state’s legal team, emphasizing the gravity of the case.

Upon taking the stand, Ivanka Trump was administered the oath, promising to tell the truth in her testimony. Her demeanor was markedly different from other family members who have testified, avoiding the media spotlight before taking the stand.

In her testimony, Ivanka Trump detailed her involvement with Deutsche Bank’s private wealth management division, including her role in securing financing for the purchase of the Doral golf club in Miami. She referenced emails and business dealings from over a decade ago, though admitted to difficulty recalling specific details.

Ivanka Trump’s testimony underscored her distance from certain financial decisions, emphasizing instances that highlighted her lack of direct involvement. When pressed about her knowledge of her father’s financial statements and dealings, she maintained that she was not privy to them and had no role in their preparation.

The court was briefly adjourned to debate the applicability of the statute of limitations concerning the deals in question. Judge Engoron ruled that the ongoing requirements for updated financial statements in the deals made them relevant to the case.

As the trial continues, with the defense beginning to present its case, the former president’s legal team appears to echo his characteristic style, with Judge Engoron noting the resemblance in their rhetoric.

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