Italian Fugitive Arrested in Greece after Celebrating Soccer Triumph

Italian Fugitive Arrested in Greece after Celebrating Soccer Triumph

An Italian man, Vincenzo La Porta, who had managed to avoid capture for over a decade, was apprehended by law enforcement authorities in Corfu, Greece. La Porta, 60, had been residing in Greece under the radar, until his recent celebration in honor of his favorite soccer team’s championship triumph led to his downfall.

Being on Italy’s “100 most dangerous fugitives” list, La Porta had been convicted in absentia for offenses such as fraud, tax evasion, and his affiliation with the notorious Camorra criminal organization. The Camorra, an established mafia-style group deeply rooted in Italy’s underworld, is notorious for its involvement in the illicit drug trade.

Italian police disclosed that La Porta was identified outside a restaurant in Corfu donning his team’s vibrant blue colors. The authorities wasted no time and took swift action, arresting him while he was casually zipping around on a scooter. Though he had evaded capture for years, La Porta’s love for soccer and his unwavering devotion to the Napoli team ultimately sealed his fate.

The moment of reckoning came on the day of the celebratory victory for Napoli, clinching their first Series A title in 33 years. Unable to contain his jubilation, La Porta was snapped in a photo celebrating outside the restaurant, unwittingly exposing his whereabouts.

His lawyer, Athanasios Giannakouris, shared that La Porta has numerous ailments and is expected to make his court appearance on Monday. Giannakouris expressed hopes for a favorable outcome in the proceedings. It remains uncertain when exactly La Porta was apprehended.

Previously working as an assistant chef in Corfu, La Porta had comfortably settled in the area with his wife and child. However, if extradited, he will face a lengthy prison sentence of 14 years in his home country.

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