Israeli Eatery Vandalized with Anti-Israel Messages, NYPD Investigates as Possible Hate Crime

Israeli Eatery Vandalized with Anti-Israel Messages, NYPD Investigates as Possible Hate Crime

Effy’s Café, a popular Israeli eatery located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, was targeted in a disturbing act of vandalism over the weekend. The incident, now being investigated by the NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force, involved spray-painted blood-red and black messages that read “Free Gaza” and “Form line here to support genocide.”

The kosher bistro, which has been serving American-Israeli breakfast for over a decade at its location on 104 W. 96th St. and Columbus Avenue, was defaced with the words “Free Gaza” prominently displayed across its front in red paint. Additionally, the same message was repeated in green paint on the sidewalk in front of the establishment. On the concrete outside, the perpetrators wrote “Form a line here to support genocide” in black.

Effy’s Café has long been a beloved spot in the community, and the incident has sparked outrage and support from local officials. Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine and Upper West Side state Assembly candidate Micah Lasher visited the café on Monday to show solidarity and condemn the act of anti-Semitic hate. Lasher emphasized the need for Albany to expand hate crimes laws and made it clear that such incidents should never be tolerated or justified as reasonable political discourse.

Upper West Side Councilwoman Gale Brewer also took to social media to raise awareness about the vandalism. She urged her followers to report any hate crimes they witness to the NYPD and her office. Brewer shared images of another disturbing case of vandalism found less than a mile away from Effy’s Café, near West 105th Street and Riverside Drive off Riverside Park. The photos revealed large concrete blocks, used for traffic control, covered in red and black spray-painted messages such as “Israel bombs kids,” “Israel is ethnic cleansing,” “F–k Israel,” and “Israelism is terrorism.”

Effy’s Café, which also has a location on the Upper East Side, did not respond to The Post’s request for comment on the incident.

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