Iranian Teenager Dies After Alleged Encounter with Morality Police

Iranian Teenager Dies After Alleged Encounter with Morality Police

Iranian teenager Armita Geravand has died after weeks in a comatose state attributed to severe brain injuries sustained during an alleged encounter with morality police officers at a Tehran Metro station on October 1. Geravand was found not wearing a hijab, which contravenes Iran’s mandatory hijab regulations for women. Her condition deteriorated, and she was declared brain dead earlier this week.

This incident follows recent legislation in Iran that has increased penalties for violations of the already stringent hijab regulations. It also bears similarities to the tragic case of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian woman who died in police custody after being arrested for allegedly not adhering to the mandatory hijab rules. Amini’s death sparked widespread protests across Iran.

Foreign-based human rights organizations and activists have alleged that Geravand was subjected to harassment by government agents due to her failure to observe the hijab requirement. The Iranian government denies these allegations, claiming that her fall and subsequent head injury were a result of a decline in blood pressure.

The parallels between Geravand and Amini’s deaths highlight the ongoing controversies surrounding the enforcement of hijab laws in Iran. Amnesty International has issued a statement urging the Iranian government to allow an impartial inquiry into the Geravand incident, accusing them of a cover-up and calling for UN involvement.


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