Instacart Shopper Admits to Shooting and Killing Angie Harmon’s Dog

Instacart, the San Francisco-based delivery company, has issued an apology to actress Angie Harmon after one of its shoppers admitted to shooting and killing her dog, Oliver. The incident occurred over the Easter weekend at Harmon’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Harmon, known for her role in “Law and Order,” took to Instagram to express her devastation and trauma caused by the unprovoked shooting of their beloved German shepherd/beagle mix.

In her Instagram post, Harmon revealed that the delivery person shot Oliver in the presence of her and her daughters, callously repeating, “Yeah, I shot your dog.” Instacart promptly suspended the shopper’s account and released a statement expressing their deep sadness and disturbance over the incident. The company emphasized its zero-tolerance policy towards violence and assured that they are cooperating with local law enforcement in their investigation.

Instacart operates through an app where individuals can create accounts to fulfill grocery orders in their area. Shoppers must meet certain criteria, including being at least 18 years old, legally eligible to work in the United States, and possessing a reliable car and phone capable of running the Instacart app. They are compensated based on the size of the order, driving distance, and effort involved in shopping and delivering the items.

Harmon’s attorney, John Buric, provided further details, stating that Oliver and another dog were in the front yard when the delivery person arrived. Harmon was upstairs, while her children were in the backyard. A gunshot was heard, and upon rushing to the front yard, Harmon and her daughters discovered Oliver lying in a pool of blood. The delivery person, who claimed self-defense, exhibited a boastful attitude, according to Buric.

Harmon expressed her disbelief at the driver’s self-defense claim, highlighting that he had no visible injuries. She also noted that her Ring security camera was charging inside at the time, suggesting that the driver may have been aware of this. Additionally, Harmon mentioned that the delivery person was using a woman’s Instacart shopper account.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department confirmed that the driver claimed to have shot the dog in self-defense and closed the case. Harmon addressed the delivery person directly in her Instagram stories, condemning his actions as despicable and inexcusable, emphasizing the profound trauma inflicted upon her family.

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