Inmate Dies in Alabama Correctional Facility Under Investigation for Possible Assault

Daniel Williams, a 22-year-old inmate serving a one-year sentence for property theft, has died in custody at the Staton Correctional Facility in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Corrections is investigating a possible inmate-on-inmate assault as the cause of his death. Williams was found unresponsive in his cell on October 22 and was subsequently taken to a health care unit. He was removed from life support on November 9, the same day he was scheduled to be released from jail.

Terry Williams, Daniel’s father, alleges that his son was beaten and sexually assaulted by other inmates. When Terry, along with Daniel’s stepmother and girlfriend, visited him in the hospital, they observed bruises, cuts, and indentations on his body. Terry Williams described the injuries as severe, stating that it appeared as though Daniel had been beaten with a mop handle. Doctors informed the family that Daniel had suffered a loss of 90% brain function.

Andrew Menefee, Daniel Williams’ attorney, has requested a rape kit for his client and believes that he was sexually assaulted. Menefee cited comments from hospital staff who noted extensive bruising on the inside of Daniel’s legs. The test results for the rape kit have not yet been received.

The Alabama Department of Corrections has confirmed that its Law Enforcement Services Division is investigating the circumstances surrounding Daniel Williams’ death.

Author: CrimeDoor

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