Infant’s Death Reveals Horrific Abuse and Neglect in Richmond Hotel Room

Infant’s Death Reveals Horrific Abuse and Neglect in Richmond Hotel Room

Amary Darn, a five-week-old infant, suffered severe abuse and neglect before his tragic death in a Richmond hotel room. His parents, Ray Ray Darn and Marilyn Northington, are currently on trial, facing charges of murder, assault on a child causing death, and child abuse. Prosecutors revealed the horrifying details of Amary’s short life, including extensive injuries such as broken ribs, a broken femur, a fractured wrist, and a fractured skull. The newborn also had sores, burns, mold, and methamphetamine in his bloodstream. Amary’s death was ruled a homicide due to abuse, blunt force trauma, neglect, and pneumonia.

During the trial, defense attorneys for both parents attempted to shift blame onto each other. Darn’s attorney argued that Northington’s toxic breast milk, contaminated with methamphetamine, caused Amary’s death. Northington’s lawyer portrayed Darn as a controlling and abusive husband who would harm the baby when she was not present. Deputy District Attorney Kevin Bell held both parents responsible, emphasizing their betrayal of Amary’s trust.

The extent of Amary’s physical injuries was shocking, with evidence suggesting prolonged abuse. His broken ribs were at different stages of healing, indicating multiple incidents. The femur bone was completely snapped, and burn marks covered a significant portion of his body. Amary’s death occurred amidst a period where the family seemed to be improving their living situation, having recently obtained housing through a local program.

The trial continues as the prosecution presents evidence and witnesses.

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