Indiana Supreme Court Orders Special Judge to Provide Transcript in Delphi Murders Case

The Indiana Supreme Court has issued an order to Special Judge Fran Gull in the Delphi murder case, demanding the release of a transcript from a private meeting with the former defense attorneys of Richard Allen. This directive comes amid ongoing developments in the high-profile case linked to the 2017 murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi.

The meeting in question took place prior to a scheduled hearing on October 19 and resulted in the dismissal of Brad Rozzi and Andrew Baldwin, Allen’s then-defense attorneys. Divergent accounts of what transpired during this meeting led to their withdrawal, with Gull stating that it led to Baldwin’s verbal resignation and Rozzi’s subsequent formal motion to withdraw.

Days after this incident, Rozzi sought to continue representing Allen, alleging that the court had placed them in a compromising situation and requesting Judge Gull’s removal from the case.

With new legal counsel, Allen has petitioned the Supreme Court to reconsider Gull’s role in the trial, citing concerns over her transparency.

Responding to these developments, the Indiana Supreme Court has set a deadline of November 27 for Judge Gull to submit the transcript of the closed-door meeting. This move is significant in ensuring clarity and transparency in a case that has captured widespread public attention and raised questions about judicial procedures.

Author: CrimeDoor

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