Identity Confirmed: Mei Li Haskell’s Dismembered Remains in Los Angeles Dumpster

The Los Angeles County medical examiner has officially identified 37-year-old Mei Li Haskell as the woman whose dismembered remains were discovered in a Los Angeles dumpster in November.

Authorities had previously determined that Mei was allegedly murdered by her husband, Samuel Haskell IV, who also faces charges in the killing of Mei’s parents.

Samuel Haskell, 35, is the son of former Hollywood agent Samuel Haskell III, known for representing A-list celebrities like Dolly Parton, Whoopi Goldberg, George Clooney, and others. Samuel Haskell IV appeared in court in downtown Los Angeles on December 8, where he faced three counts of murder related to the disappearance of his wife and in-laws. His arraignment was postponed to January.

Haskell was seen on surveillance video disposing of his wife’s dismembered body in a Los Angeles strip mall dumpster. The discovery was made after a homeless man found a body part while searching for recyclables and reported it to the authorities. Mei’s parents, 64-year-old Yanxiang Wang and 72-year-old Gaoshen Li, remain missing.

Haskell, his alleged victims, and his three children lived in the same Tarzana home, an L.A. suburb. The children were unharmed and are currently in the care of relatives while their father is held without bail.

Police had suspected that the remains found in the dumpster belonged to Mei, but due to the extent of dismemberment, they couldn’t confirm it at the time. However, a publicly released autopsy report now confirms that Mei, an Asian woman, was found dead in a parking lot on November 8, the same day police announced the discovery of the maimed torso in the dumpster. The report did not specify a cause of death.

Haskell was arrested on the same day the torso was found, shortly after Mei and her parents were reported missing. A day laborer interviewed by NBC Los Angeles stated that Haskell had hired them to remove heavy trash bags, potentially containing body parts, for which he paid them $500.

During a search of the Haskell family home, LAPD Detective Efren Gutierrez revealed the discovery of “blood evidence” that indicated a crime may have occurred there.

If Samuel Haskell IV is found guilty of each murder count, he could face a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

Author: CrimeDoor

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