Idaho Teacher Faces Multiple Felony Charges Following Alleged Relationship with Teenager

Jessica Lawson, 36

Jessica Lawson, a 36-year-old high school teacher in Idaho, has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies after allegedly having a sexual relationship with a teenage boy. The charges include two felony counts of rape of a 16- or 17-year-old victim, one felony charge for delivering a controlled substance, and a misdemeanor for dispensing alcohol to a minor, as per records from Fremont County Magistrate Court.

The incident came to light when an officer from the St. Anthony Police Department pulled over Lawson’s car in the early hours of November 6 for driving without visible taillights, according to the East Idaho News. Surprisingly, Lawson was not in the vehicle; instead, a teenage boy was found behind the wheel. The boy informed the officer that Lawson had allowed him to drive because she was too intoxicated to do so. These details were part of court documents reviewed by the news outlet before they were sealed by the court.

The teenager also revealed that he had consumed marijuana before driving the car and was allegedly driven home by the police officer. Later that day, the boy’s parents contacted the officer and claimed their son had confessed that Lawson had picked him up the previous night around 11 p.m., taken him to her St. Anthony residence, and that she had become intoxicated and high before engaging in sexual activity with him.

Lawson reportedly called the boy’s mother before the parents contacted the police, admitting to providing alcohol to her son and acknowledging the presence of marijuana in her home during his visit. However, she denied any further wrongdoing.

A warrant for Lawson’s arrest was issued on November 13, and a no-contact order was established on behalf of the victim. It remains unclear whether Lawson had previously taught the teenager before the incident.

Efforts to reach South Fremont High School for comment regarding her employment status were unsuccessful. Lawson’s divorce from her husband and the child custody arrangement for their minor children were finalized in May, as indicated by Fremont County Magistrate Court filings. Notably, she retained her ex-husband’s surname.

Lawson is currently in custody at the Madison County Jail on a $250,000 bond. If convicted on all charges, she could potentially face a life sentence. Her attorney, Allen Harry Browning, argued that the bail amount was excessive and anticipated a bond reduction hearing. Browning stated, “I haven’t seen bond that high on anyone but either a murder suspect or an international drug cartel person. $250,000 is something you don’t see unless somebody’s potentially a danger to the community, and this person doesn’t pose a danger to anybody.” Browning confirmed Lawson’s intention to plead not guilty, and her preliminary court hearing is scheduled for November 27, according to online records.

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