Hundreds More Alleged Sexual Abuse Victims of Ex-Columbia Gynecologist Robert Hadden Sue School, Lawsuit Claims

Hundreds More Alleged Sexual Abuse Victims of Ex-Columbia Gynecologist Robert Hadden Sue School, Lawsuit Claims

A civil lawsuit has been filed against Columbia University, alleging that former gynecologist Robert Hadden sexually abused an additional 301 victims while working for the university. The lawsuit claims that Columbia administrators, nurses, and other doctors were aware of the abuse and worked to cover it up. The suit, filed in the New York Supreme Court, describes Hadden as “the most prolific serial sexual predator in New York State history,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to attorney Anthony DiPietro, who represents the alleged victims, Columbia University staff had knowledge of sexual abuse allegations against Hadden as early as 1994. A complaint sent to the acting chairman of the obstetrics and gynecology department at that time accused Hadden of abusing patients.

The lawsuit further alleges that Hadden often abused his victims while nurses and other doctors were present but did nothing to prevent the abuse. It is claimed that he conducted unnecessary breast, vaginal, and rectal examinations without wearing gloves.

DiPietro has requested Columbia University to send notices to former patients who received care while Hadden worked for the university. He believes that Hadden treated approximately 10,000 women, many of whom may be unaware that they were abused.

Columbia University has not yet responded to a request for comment on the lawsuit.

In a previous statement, Columbia University president Minouche Shafik and CEO of Columbia University Irving Medical Center, Katrina Armstrong, issued an apology acknowledging the harm done to Hadden’s patients. However, Evelyn Yang, one of Hadden’s victims and the wife of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, criticized the apology, stating that it does not acknowledge the university’s role in enabling and protecting Hadden’s abuse.

Robert Hadden was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this year for sexually abusing four victims. U.S. Attorney Damian Williams stated that Hadden had abused numerous patients over a span of 25 years, exploiting them for his own sexual gratification.

The number of survivors in the cases against Hadden now matches the number of survivors in the case against Larry Nassar, a former doctor at Michigan State University convicted of sexually abusing multiple athletes. Prosecutors believe that Hadden abused at least 245 women, and with the additional 301 alleged victims in the recent lawsuit, the total number of survivors has increased.

Columbia University has previously paid $242 million in combined settlements to 226 former patients who accused Hadden of sexual abuse.

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