Houston Police Officer Fires Taser During Foot Chase with Suspect

A routine traffic stop in Houston turned into a foot chase after a suspect attempted to flee from a Houston police officer. The incident, which occurred on August 17th, was captured on footage. Officer G Chapa approached the suspect, identified as Chad Michael Duhon, who had fled from a traffic stop. Duhon managed to escape and abandoned his vehicle, leading the officer on an intense pursuit.

The officer was able to catch up with Duhon in a parking lot and attempted to arrest him. However, Duhon made another attempt to flee, prompting the officer to fire his taser. The officer successfully subdued Duhon and waited for backup before making the arrest.

Chad Michael Duhon, who already had two open felony warrants, is now facing charges of evading arrest. Neither the officer who fired his weapon nor Duhon sustained any injuries during the incident. The Houston Police Department has initiated an internal affairs investigation into the case.


Author: CrimeDoor

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