Hostage Rescued in Tracy Home After Police Utilize Drone and Armored Vehicle

In a daring operation, officers from the Tracy Police Department successfully rescued a reported hostage from a home on Lankershire Drive in Tracy, California. The incident unfolded on Friday, March 22, and involved the use of a drone and an armored vehicle.

Responding to a call of a hostage being held at gunpoint, patrol officers, detectives, and special-investigations unit personnel swiftly surrounded the residence. To aid in their efforts, the police deployed a BearCat Armored Recovery Vehicle, ensuring the safety of the officers involved.

Utilizing an unmanned aircraft system (UAS), commonly known as a drone, the police gathered crucial information about the situation. The drone’s surveillance revealed one of the suspects attempting to flee from the back of the residence. The individual, identified as a 26-year-old from Livermore, was promptly apprehended.

Meanwhile, two other individuals surrendered to the police at the front of the residence. Among them was the reported kidnapping victim, as well as a 24-year-old from Oakland. Both suspects now face charges that include kidnapping, rape by force/fear, possession of methamphetamine, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Private medics and firefighters from the South San Joaquin County Fire Authority provided immediate medical attention to the rescued hostage, who sustained minor injuries during the ordeal.

The Tracy Police Department is urging anyone with additional information about the case to come forward. Detective Andrew Glover can be reached at 209-831-6607 or via email at, while Detective Lissette Ortiz can be contacted at 209-831-6569 or

Author: CrimeDoor

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