Homicide Investigation Launched in Italy Following Fatal Crash

Homicide Investigation Launched in Italy Following Fatal Crash

A homicide investigation has been launched by police in Italy following a fatal crash that killed two people on the island of Sardinia. The incident occurred when a red Ferrari Portofino and a blue Lamborghini attempted to pass a slow-moving campervan on a narrow stretch of highway.

The victims have been identified as Melissa Krautli, 63, and Markus Krautli, 67, from Switzerland. Dashcam footage of the crash shows the Lamborghini attempting to overtake the campervan on a solid white line, resulting in a collision with the Ferrari. The Ferrari rolled and burst into flames, leading to the death of the occupants.

The couple driving the campervan, from the German-speaking Sud Tyrol region of northern Italy, sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital. The driver of the Lamborghini, Vikas Oberoi from India, is facing homicide charges as he attempted the overtake on a solid white line, which is prohibited.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident, with prosecutors analyzing multiple videos from the crash site. The drivers were participating in the Sardinia Supercar Tour at the time of the collision.


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