Homicide in East Alton, Illinois: Suspect Arrested in Connection with the Killing of Adele Davenport

The Major Case Squad has identified the victim of a homicide in East Alton as Adele Davenport. Her husband, John Davenport, has been accused of killing her and is currently being held in the Madison County Jail pending a detention hearing. The incident has sparked a string of investigations by several police agencies.

The case unfolded after a stolen car was involved in a 25-minute chase, with sparks flying from the vehicle. The pursuit, which involved a team of police officers, ended on 55 North. The stolen car had been taken during a strong-armed robbery in Normandy.

Despite three sets of spike strips taking out the tires, the two suspects, believed to be in a relationship, continued driving on blown tires. Eventually, the chase came to an end when the car caught fire. The suspects, with their hands behind their backs, surrendered to the police.

During the arrest, a look-alike handgun, which was later determined to be a BB gun, was found. Additionally, narcotics were discovered in the car and are currently being tested.

With the implementation of a new no-cash bail system in Illinois, suspects like John Davenport will remain behind bars due to the severity of the charges against them. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.


Author: CrimeDoor

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