Hollywood Hologram Tycoon’s Downfall: Jury Slaps Alki David with $8.38M Verdict in Shocking Sexual Assault Case

Hollywood Hologram Tycoon’s Downfall: Jury Slaps Alki David with .38M Verdict in Shocking Sexual Assault Case

A jury has ordered hologram mogul Alkiviades “Alki” David to fork over a staggering $8.38 million to former account executive Elizabeth Taylor in a high-profile sexual assault, battery, and harassment lawsuit. David, a businessman famed for resurrecting images of late entertainers via holograms, faced a crushing defeat in court on Wednesday.

The jury’s decision mandates David and his companies, FilmOn TV and Hologram USA, to pay both punitive and compensatory damages to Taylor, marking a significant win for the plaintiff. Taylor’s ordeal at FilmOn TV in 2015 has now become part of a series of legal battles costing David and his businesses an eye-watering total of around $70 million.

The case, which sent shockwaves through the industry, was initiated by Taylor and her former colleague Chasity Jones in February 2017. They accused the self-proclaimed champion of the “wronged” men of the #MeToo movement of a series of disturbing acts. The complaint detailed how David allegedly groped Taylor, exposed her underwear by holding her upside down, and even tied her to a chair with computer wire, amongst other humiliating actions, all in full view of other staff members. Adding insult to injury, Taylor was reportedly fired the day she reported the harassment.

“This was a huge win for a very deserving woman,” said Taylor’s attorney Lisa Bloom, portraying the verdict as a victory for justice and perseverance in the face of a long and grueling legal battle.

However, David’s camp, represented by attorney Dana Cole, hinted at an upcoming appeal. Cole characterized the verdict as a result of bias against David, citing his absence from court due to visa restrictions, and vowed to address these issues in the appeal process.

This isn’t David’s first rodeo in court over such allegations. In April 2019, Chasity Jones was awarded $11.1 million in her case against him, and later that year, Mahim Khan, another former employee, won a combined $58.25 million in damages.

The latest verdict against David not only adds to his mounting legal woes but also sends a strong message about the consequences of workplace misconduct. As the dust settles on this latest court drama, the business tycoon’s reputation and fortune are left significantly tarnished, with the specter of further appeals looming on the horizon.

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