Hollywood Drama Unfolds: Jonathan Majors’ 911 Call Revealed in Assault Trial

In a recent turn of events in Jonathan Majors’ misdemeanor assault trial, police officers testified that the acclaimed ‘Creed III’ actor made a 911 call to assist his accuser, Grace Jabbari. NYPD officers, responding to Majors’ distress call, took the stand this Tuesday, unveiling critical details of the incident.

Majors, reportedly concerned about a potential overdose or suicide, summoned the police to his apartment, where they discovered Jabbari on the floor. Upon regaining consciousness, Jabbari expressed confusion about Majors’ whereabouts and questioned why her ear hurt, a key point in the trial. However, at the moment, officers did not delve into how her ear injury occurred.

Further adding to the unfolding narrative, Jabbari informed the officers that Majors had hit her in the head multiple times and throttled her. The officers also observed minor bloodstains on Majors’ comforter and noted that his jacket was missing a button, prompting them to have Jabbari complete a domestic violence report.

Compellingly, the jury listened to Majors’ 911 call, in which he expressed urgent concern about Jabbari’s unconscious state, referring to her as his “ex-partner.” The call’s operator advised Majors to monitor her breathing closely.

In a gripping testimony, Jabbari recounted her tumultuous relationship with Majors. She described a pattern of fear, emotional and physical dominance, loss of self-esteem, weight loss, and an overwhelming dependence on the actor, which isolated her from family and friends. This revelation paints a stark picture of their relationship dynamics, adding a complex layer to the trial proceedings.

Author: CrimeDoor

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